Automated Backups and Disaster Recovery Services

DimenXionSoft’s sister company DimenXional Cloud Technologies provides AUTOMATED BACKUPS AND DISASTER RECOVERY SERVICES. These services (Pictured to the Left) employ VMware’s automated FAIL-OVER SYSTEM for every customer on DimenXional Cloud Technologies cloud resources. FAIL-OVER is the key backup operational mode in which the functions of a system component (Your website or cloud application) are assumed by a secondary system component when the primary component becomes unavailable through either failure or scheduled down time.

Fault-tolerant, automated backups and disaster recovery services are an integral part of every DimenXional Cloud Technologies Client deployment as we consider every client to have mission-critical systems that must be constantly available.

For more information on FAIL-OVER functionality, please click here for a Wiki on FAIL-OVER

Fail-Over Cloud Server Architecture Ensures 99.99999% SLA